Is this real life? Blockchain solutions

Reading Time: 1 minute

Blockchain and it’s usage has been mentioned more frequently throughout the last years. Supply chains, communications, payment gateways, food traceability are just some of the niches connected to the technology. One of the key sectors missed by most analysts and news platforms where Blockchain can fundamentally improve the whole sector is Real Estate.


  • Property register: With the Blockchain, we will be able to automate the registration of properties and store and trace all information in a secure environment.

  • Real time transactions: The use of Blockchain decreases the chance of missing crucial information and preventing fraud. The trust less system speeds up the operations and reduces cost while offering more security.

  • Peer to peer: Buyers and sellers will be able to interact without any middleman involvement. P2P platforms will be the all in one solution.

  • Diversification: Tokenization of properties will allow buyers and investors to get small fractions of properties. Establishing diversification opportunities for investors and easier accessibility to a home for disadvantaged people.